Looking Up Paco

Seven months later and we’d only started to get a real move on for next year’s big day. I knew it would take a while to pick up especially since we’re both such slackers – the best kind though mind you.

I was never one of those kinds who had any big plans. I’ve always been one of the more contented kind, resigned to whatever and however. So you can see how planning my wedding had completely messed with the stars. I’ve never had to plan anything so elaborate in my entire life and I would absolutely flip if I had to make all this decision-making myself. All the money and details involved make such an overwhelming force to be reckoned with and I thank the many moons for my family of four sisters and doting mother for all the help and support.

I’m relieved Alex and I seem to be on the same page about everything so far. Probably owe it to the cosmic law of awesomeness. He’s surprisingly been into the entire preparations more than I expected, and yes it’s his idea to take up a class for our first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

Getting a move on

Last Thursday, Alex and I took a day off to checkout churches from our list. We checked out Paco Park a second time round and thanks to the friendly security guard, we were finally able to make our way through the entrance gate despite the offices being closed, again.

St. Pancriatus Chapel, Paco Park, Manila

The St. Pancriatus Chapel at Paco Park in Manila is an 18th Century Spanish Establishment.

When we first entered the outer fort walls, I immediately spotted a group of doves pecking between the cracks of the pathway right next to a spot of sunshine. It was just like they knew we were coming and decided to orchestrate such a charming vision. I walked along and gasped my way ’till the chapel’s front door. I instantly knew I  had to get married in this place. I didn’t care that a cemetery stuffed with aristocrats lined the adobe walls that surrounded the chapel. I no longer cared that there weren’t much parking slots outside for guests. Paco cost slightly more than we bargained for, but it was just one of those moments of clarity seduced by the most surreal of reality.  Nothing could change my mind, and we booked the chapel the very next hour.

Mmissed the moment here, but I still got the doves! They've all probably played a role in all the weddings that took place in the chapel.

Paco Park Chapel window details

Looking Up Paco

So now we got one down the list. Church, check. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of crossing that little bugger out. If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re reading this, I highly suggest printing yourself a handy dandy checklist to contain all the madness running about in your head. Try this free printable wedding planner, it’s pretty generic but gives you a clear direction of what to do to pull your shit together.


Nikon D80
18-135mm f3.5

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