Chasing Waves

Curating a somewhat gallery of all the random photos I’ve taken on surf trips, chasing waves because forecasts are green or orange over at Swell Watch. This is our cue to pack our bags, jump on a bus or pile in a car with friends and zip off to the beach. This is what I love about living in the Philippines. The beach is always just a drive away.

Before all else, let it be known that I do not surf. I’ve tried twice but it was just not for me. I’ve tried it at Baler, but suffered a horrible wardrobe malfunction. I’ve tried it on a wave pool, but I guess the heavy rain dampened that one for me real good. I leave all the actual surfing to Alex, he’s the one that’s totally nuts about it.


Straight to Sea circa 2009

Early days as beach nomads. This photo was taken at Liwa Liwa in Zambalez, when Ate Phoebe’s little canteen sat quietly and inconspicuously by the corner and the Pit Bowl was still non-existent. Here’s Roman leading the pack straight to sea as first order of business.


Seek Shelter, Zambalez circa 2007

I vaguely remember this trip but I vividly remember how every spot we checked out was perennially deserted. Every time. Everything was so much more quiet and desolated back in the day before surfing started getting any decent attention around here. Surfing has been around the Philippines since the early ’60s but never really made it to mainstream because of all the inaccessible traveling involved – until today. This is probably what it looked like back then.

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